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Video: Best Marketing Techniques Explained!

In this video, I have tried to explain the best marketing techniques and strategies for your business. In my previous blog, I mentioned most effective marketing techniques and here in this blog, they are explained in easy to understand language with the help of multimedia. I hope you enjoy the video and learn something new […]

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15 Tips for Building a Powerful Brand Identity

Brand identity is how a business wants to be perceived to customers and to the wider public. This can include visual components such as logos and colour schemes, as well as how a brand communicates with its audience through language style and messaging. Here are 15 tips for creating a brand identity that helps you […]

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Essential Advice on Choosing a Top Class Consultant

Too many small-business people aren’t willing to ask for help when they need it. Entrepreneurs by nature tend to be independent risk-takers. They started the company and it is their baby. Obviously, they should know how to raise it. However, none of us knows everything about growing and managing a business. Sometimes it makes sense […]

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A Good Mentor Can Help Limit Uncertainty

Being an entrepreneur is one of those few jobs where your path is not charted out for you. No one cares about your past experience, no one will hold your hand when things get difficult and no one will sugar coat their belief in your potential failure. For some, the constant reminders of limited runway […]