How Spirituality Can Help You Be Successful in Life


How Spirituality Can Help You Be Successful in Life

by Vikas Rana

by Vikas Rana

spirituality guidePeople often connect spirituality with religion, prayers or some extreme meditation in isolation. There are also a lot of misconceptions around being spiritual. People believe they have to renounce this world, leave their family and live in some lonely jungle to attain spirituality.

The truth is you can live in this world, stay with your loved ones and still be spiritual. In fact, being spiritual will help you manage your life, relations, work or business better. It helps you reach your true potential as a human being and help you become successful in all aspects of life.

The essence of spirituality is that we see things as it is with clarity. Life will still happen as it should and the challenges will still come but when you have clarity in life, then you get better in handling those challenges and life situations. Your judgement is not clouded by thoughts and past memories and you take better decisions.

Thoughts will still come to a spiritual being but thoughts itself is not a bad thing. We just need to have control over thoughts.

When we have clarity, we do not put labels on the situations. Our mind is clear and it is not clouded with thoughts. When our mind is clear and not clouded by past memories then something very powerful happens. That power comes with spirituality.

Our original state of mind is blissfull but today, most are facing a lot of stress. The inner powerful energy we have in all of us is sitting dormant. The memories we accumulate over the years and constant thoughts are covering our true nature of bliss. People do extreme things because they connect themselves with an identity.

With spirituality, we remove the layers accumulated over the years. We try not to connect ourselves with any identity. Our identity is nothing but all the memories we accumulate over the years. Our society, nation, culture, friends, family and much more is what we associate ourselves with. When we disconnect with all that, we become spiritual.

The truth is that we are not our memories. We are naturally spiritual blissful beings.

When we can achieve a state where we do not associate ourselves with any memory, we see things as they are that’s when we reach our true potential as a human being.