How To Manage Stress

by Vikas Rana

How To Manage Stress

by Vikas Rana

by Vikas Rana

how to manage stressIn this article, you will find out the reasons for Sorrow and unhappiness in this world and how to overcome them. You will find solutions to manage stress.

To manage stress and overcome the sadness in life, remove all your attachments. Let happiness come from within and not from the materials you possess and people you are connected with. Your happiness can’t depend on others. 

So how to improve focus on your inner self? Well, you must meditate. it doesn’t have to be some advanced techniques that you have to learn. Don’t bother. Simply sit in fresh air outside early morning around 5 am. Sit in a straight posture and focus on your breathing. That’s all. A good flow of oxygen in your body will help you manage stress. 

When Gautam Buddha saw the sorrows in this world, he renounced his family, his world, his kingdom and left to seek out the ultimate wisdom. The purpose was not just to attain enlightenment for himself but to use it to help others.

After 6 years of hard penance, he attained spiritual enlightenment and ultimate wisdom. Now his purpose was to spread the message to the whole world. He wanted to give the ultimate knowledge he had achieved to everyone in the world which would help them overcome the unhappiness.

To attain freedom from grief and sadness, he gave multiple solutions. In this article, we will discuss some of those solutions to manage stress. I hope that it can help you and the people around you not just to manage stress but also to be happy. 

Remember, bliss is the real nature of our soul.

One of the main reasons for our sorrows is our lack of focus on self-improvement. We focus on others rather than ourselves. Our happiness can not depend on others – people or material. All issues arise from our mind and our attachment to things and people. So all we have to do is get rid of that attachment. How to do this? –

Meditate regularly and improve your focus and concentration. This will help you focus on yourself, your life and career goals.

Learn something every day. It is the biggest source of motivation. Keep working hard towards your goals. You should have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Once you have that clear goal in your mind then all you have to do is take some actions to achieve it.

You can of course take others’ help in that but others won’t be able to help if you yourself don’t know what you wish in your life. 

Once you remain focused in your life towards your goals then you won’t get distracted in other things that may be bothering you like relationship issues or loss of something or someone. 

Being social and building good relationships is also a big reason for happiness and helps manage stress as per many pieces of research. So, stay close to your friends and family. Work on your relationships. This is important because we are social beings by nature. We can’t live alone. We need each other. 

Keep your expenses low in life and focus on savings. Lack of money can be a big reason for stress. A person in debt can never be happy so try to stay away from debts. Improve your financial knowledge. Save for your future. When you have some good savings in your bank then you will remain positive and confident. 

Kee yourself and your family protected by taking insurance. Life is unpredictable and in the unlikely event of an accident, fire, theft, or sickness, you might end up in deep troubles. So it is important to have insurance which protects your health and wealth in those bad situations. Protect your family with life insurance to have that peace of mind. 

In the end, avoid too much work and don’t spend all your time caring for others. Give time to your own care and hobbies. Do things you love. If you are happy only then you can make others around you happy. Only in a happy state, you can bring happiness to those around you. Focus on positive, not negative. Don’t think how you can manage stress, instead think about how to stay happy all the time.