How to Meditate? (For Beginners)


How to Meditate? (For Beginners)

by Vikas Rana

by Vikas Rana

how to meditate

I have been meditating for over 5 years now and to help out the beginners, I have devised this technique (see video below).

With this technique, you will get countless health benefits of Meditation and better focus and concentration at work. You can achieve greater success in your work, business and relationships.

Before we learn the techniques, I want you to understand the true meaning of Yoga and Meditation.

The most correct description is mentioned in Ashtanga Yoga by the great Indian sage Patanjali who mentions that the true meaning of Yoga is actually Union with cosmos or God (Yoga literally means “union”). It is not just “physical yoga” that you usually see in the western world. Yoga is a system to get out of survival mind that all humans are living in and to reach a higher level of consciousness. It includes life discipline, moral, postures, breathing, concentration and Meditation. “Samadhi” (ultimate union with God or cosmic consciousness) is the final step.

So as you can see real Meditation is actually a very advanced step of Yoga but we can still do breathing (aka basic meditation) to get all the benefits mentioned above. After a few years of practice, you can even attain great spiritual powers but let’s talk about it another day. For now, let’s learn the basic meditation technique for those who are new to it.

So if you are ready to learn the simple steps to learn meditation then watch this video till the end. Here, I share my simple technique to successfully meditate; devised by myself for beginners. With these techniques, you can access countless health benefits and a higher level of consciousness.


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