How to Increase Prana Energy in Our Body?

by Vikas Rana

How to Increase Prana Energy in Our Body?

by Vikas Rana

by Vikas Rana

If you are researching how to increase prana energy then you are on the right path because if you can learn how to guide your prana, you can get unimaginable powers. I have been researching Prana for years and in this article, I will try to cover the topic in detail about how we can get more prana in our bodies. What you see here is my research on this subject and my own experiences.

So how can we get more prana? We can increase prana in our body by increasing the healthy and proper intake of the following elements:

  1. Earth element (by Intake of healthy sattvic food)
  2. Water Element (by intake of water)
  3. Fire element (intake of sunlight aka sunbathing)
  4. Space/ether element (well-managed thoughts)
  5. Air (proper yogic breathing aka belly breathing)
  6. Prana Vayus (balance over prana vayus via advanced yogic practices)
  7. Meditation (Pranic energy received directly from the cosmos during deep meditation)

These are further explained below and I highly recommend you go through each of them and you will see a positive change in your life.

It is more important to get the energy you already have moving freely and smoothly inside your body, than simply adding trying to hard to add more energy.

How your body feels and operate is actually in your own hands. You can rejuvenate your whole body by controlling prana. Prana comes to your body through all 5 elements in our environment Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether as shown above. These 5 elements are all around us. It is up to the efficiency of our system that decides how effectively we absorb this prana.

Our whole body is made of these 5 elements so it really makes sense that we need to manage the intake of all these 5 elements. In fact, I strongly believe this is the basis of everything – our physical and mental health, happiness and intelligence.

We mostly only think of food as the main source of Prana but there are other ways too. Advanced yogis can take Prana from sources other than food so they do not feel hungry and that is how they can meditate for a very long time without any need for food.  However, a normal human can’t even take prana properly from food or other sources. This is why a normal human will usually have much less Prana than a yogi. So if we learn to tap into other sources to get prana (or energy) then we can also improve the pranic energy in our body which makes us healthy and gives us great wisdom.

A plant draws differing types of nourishment or energy in several ways from densest to subtle: Earth or soil, Water, Air and Sunlight.  Humans go a step further and also take knowledge for mind and prana for the soul.


We can get more prana through healthy fresh food. This is where Ayurveda comes into play. Ayurveda is the traditional Hindu system of medicine, which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet and herbal treatment.

To get more prana, you need to eat positive pranic food which according to Ayurveda is the food that comes from nature, not from the human factories. Foods like fresh fruits and vegetables are the most pranic food while processed food is the least pranic food.

The Vedas say that mortals eat food with Apana, while the Gods eat food with prana. The mortals are the physical tissues, sustained by the right food. The immortals are the senses that take in food via Prana itself in the form of sensory impressions. To strengthen prana, practices such as rituals and visualizations are important, as well as sensory therapies involving colour, sounds, or aromas, and contact with nature.

Eating less is also a great way to increase prana. This is because when we eat less, our healing force inside us which is usually always busy digesting food gets the chance to focus on healing the body and cells. When cells are healed and rejuvenated, our molecular body becomes healthier and your pranic energy increases.

To protect our prana from burning down, the digestive fire in our body plays an important role. We need to live the lifestyle and eat the food that keeps our digestive fire in balance which is indeed a very important thing for our well-being. According to the author of the book “Physical and Emotional Health”, Om Swami, if the digestive fire goes out of control, it will burn your body from the inside. First, it burns the fluids in the stomach, then it burns the solids. If it’s not balanced & does not die down, it can turn against us and first burn the vital bodily fluids (apa) and then the life force (prana); the person feels acidic, suffers from heartburn and becomes parched and dehydrated. So to stop losing or burning prana away, eat the right food.

Read my article on pranic food for complete information on food that grows prana in your body. Once we have mastery over prana, we also do not have to depend on food but until then food is your most basic source of prana.



Negative thoughts can negatively affect your energy body and reduce your prana. This is why you feel negative vibes when you come in proximity of a negative person with low pranic energy. Even just talking to a low prana person can make you feel low in energy or filled with negativity which negatively affects your prana. This is something most of us have experienced in our life and does not really need scientific research to prove it.

If you are constantly distracted with unnecessary thoughts (needless to say bad thoughts), distracted by various sounds, smells, and disturbing visuals then all these factors also reduce your prana and hence should be avoided.

Mental energy is derived from food, breath, and the impressions we take in from the external world. Prana governs the intake of sensory impressions, Samana governs their mental digestion, and vyana governs mental circulation. Apana rules the elimination of toxic ideas and negative emotions. Udana provides positive mental energy, strength, and enthusiasm.



Prana moves around in the body with breath as a vehicle. So to increase Prana, we must improve our breathwork. It is vital to manage the vehicle (breath) and the “Pranayam” is a science to manage breath and Prana.

Pranayam” is a breathwork technique to control prana in our body.

The most important Pranayam technique to increase prana in your body is Anulom Vilom (alternate nostril breathing).  This alternate nostril breathing method is important for keeping our pranas or energies in balance. It helps balance right and left prana currents.

According to the yogic system, the body and all its channels have a right or left predominance. The right side is solar in nature. It aids in such activities as digestion, work, and concentration, and is pittic, or fiery, in the constitution. The left, or the lunar, nadi is kaphic, or water predominant. It aids in such activities as rest, sleep, and relaxation.


Mastery over Vayus

Prana manifests in our body in 5 ways called “Vayus”. For one who takes charge of prana, physiological health can be greatly improved, while the psychological balance is 100% guaranteed.

Watch this video on how to take control of your Prana.

Uniting prana and apana is also one of the most advanced but important methods to greatly enhance prana in our body .

Apana vayu, which is aligned with the force of gravity, usually moves downward, resulting not only in disease and death but in the downward movement of consciousness. Prana vayu, on the other hand, tends to disperse upward through the mind and senses and is our pathway to the energies above. Yogic practices require bringing apana up and bringing prana down so the two can unite; this helps balance all the pranas. In doing so, the inner fire or kundalini becomes enkindled in the region of the navel. Mula bandha (the root lock) is an important practice in this regard.

Disclaimer: This practice described above is advanced and should only be done in presence of an enlightened master or experienced yoga teacher.



During meditation when you are in a deep state, you can receive pranic energy directly from cosmos. Pranic energy can flow from cosmos to our body through ‘brahmarandhra‘ (the passage through which life enters, and can exit, the body).

I have personally felt this most of the time when I am in deep meditation. The energy that enters into the body starts working in your nervous system and works on opening the blockages in nadis (energy channels in our body). When this happens, you feel some pinch or needle touch somewhere below your skin. It moves from one part of body to another. So for one moment you feel the pinch in the lower leg then another moment in your arms and so on. When you do any advanced yoga like Kriya Yoga, you may feel the same. The energy movement trying to open the blockages can have its own symptoms.

(side note: Those who have more blockages in their body due to various reasons (like stress), have more symptoms. These symptoms can be very uncomfortable for those with more blockages because energy can not move freely in nerves. This is why you should only do advanced kriyas or yoga techniques when you are fully prepared. )

We can only get this positive pranic energy when the body is completely still in deep meditation. There are no movements in the body, no thoughts and even heart rate is so slow that the energy body gets the time to divert attention to either healing the body or taking pranic energy from outer sources.

In contrast, in our day-to-day life we are always eating so the prana is busy digesting, we are always thinking so the prana is busy processing thoughts and we are always in motion (including fast heartbeat) and always using our senses (to see, hear, smell etc) so prana is busy processing those sensory codes. You see each time we see, hear or smell there are codes coming from the external world that our mind is processing and decoding. This take energy and keeps pranic or healing energy busy.

So even if you can’t do meditation or advanced yogic practices, at least try doing these simple steps that you can do anywhere to get more prana energy and to get more healing in your body –

  • Sit straight with a straight spine and relaxed shoulders.
  • Still your thoughts
  • Close eyes or look at a blank thing so no thought is needed to process that image
  • Maintain silence
  • Avoid moving your body unnecessarily. Keep it very still
  • Maintain rhythmic complete belly breathing

Practice it every day. This will help you get more healing and more prana.

Other forms of meditation to taking more prana

Colour and sound (music) are important ways to direct energy in the mind, but the best technique is the mantra, a particularly single syllable, or bija, mantras like Om, which create vibrations that can help direct positive energy into the subconscious.


Yoga Practices


Basic tai chi movements or techniques for energy. Do these tai chi exercise for at least a 100 days, as ancients suggest, to reap the benefits.



You can also practice Qigong and Neigong. These are a millennia-old system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation designed to balance and increase your energy. The effects of this kind of exercise are generally mild, but cumulative, so doing some every day adds up over time in having a good effect on your health and well-being.

The effects of this kind of exercises are generally mild, but cumulative, so doing some every day adds up over time in has a good effect on your health and well-being.

For people who have never done this before, there are two places you could start. One is Baduanjin qigong – the Eight Pieces of Brocade – which is sort of like ‘qigong 101.’ You will find dozens of youtube videos showing you have to do this famous ‘entry-level’ qigong set.

Another path is Zhan zhuang- standing qigong. This is deceptively simple, and over time, remarkably powerful. Initially you just ‘stand there’ in a particular posture in a relaxed manner. Over time you can add breathing techniques, ‘sinking’ energy (sung) and many other elements. Here is a free BBC produced series on how to do zhan zhuang featuring a respected teacher –

As I mentioned previously, staying still and doing nothing is actually a very powerful thing to do. In this another ancient technique of standing still aka Zhan zhuang (站桩), all you need to do is stand still with knees bent a little and arms apart a bit as shown in the video below. According to ancient Chinese masters, simply doing this can increase chi or prana and heal your body.


Some more tips to increase Prana:

  1. Do Pranayam. Just deep breathing can help heal your body and get more prana.
  2. Protect your energies. Stay in good company, people with positive vibes. Other’s energy affects us so being in a good company helps us protect ourselves from negative energies.
  3. Be close to nature.
  4. Balance you doshas.
  5. Stay fit, do exercise and yogas asanas every day for 10 mins.


Transfer of Prana by Touch of a Master

An enlightened master can transmit prana or pure life essence directly to a person simply by touching the disciple and in some cases can even awaken the kundalini energy and create spiritual awakening for the person. Some master can even transfer prana energy without physically being present close to you. The effects of the transmission are wonderfully refreshing and can be felt very soon. It is another level in the evolution of consciousness.




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Vikas Rana

Vikas Rana

Vikas is the founder of WebsiteFix Digital and author of Simply SEO book. For over a decade, Vikas has worked with over 100 SMEs, some of Australia’s best-known brands, and publicly listed companies. Site: Ph: (07) 3076 6921

Vikas is the founder of WebsiteFix Digital and author of Simply SEO book. For over a decade, Vikas has worked with over 100 SMEs, some of Australia’s best-known brands, and publicly listed companies. Site: Ph: (07) 3076 6921

Vikas Rana