What Does God Look Like

by Vikas Rana

What Does God Look Like

by Vikas Rana

by Vikas Rana

We decided to do heavy research on finding the real face of god or should we say find out what good looks like.

Before you read further let’s be clear, this blog is not coming from any religious supporter or someone with a religious background. I tried to research all the independent theories, facts and knowledge available online and offline to create this well-researched article on what god looks like. 

When we ask what does God look like, in a way we are also asking if Good looks like an angel, an extraterrestrial being or the same as we have seen in our famous God’s idols/statues or posters. Before we try to answer this question, you need to understand one thing, when you say “God”, don’t be quick to jump to conclusion that God an individual supernatural being or group of beings or some ET (Extraterrestrial) beings. Keep yourself open to a vast array of possibilities.

When we ask what does God look like, we are also curious if we can expect to see a form or shape of God? and who made God? Because if there is no shape or form, then the question of what god looks like wouldn’t make sense at all.

But don’t worry we will try to dig deeper into it because we can’t say for sure. Maybe there are different gods or maybe just one. Maybe gods sent their messengers or angels or guardians on earth. They look and live like humans. But if they do then what do they look like?

Psychologists from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill surveyed 511 Christians in the U.S. and, based on the participants’ combined perceptions, this is roughly what they thought God should look like.

what does god look like

Is it possible these face features came out again and again in different minds because that’s how god or god’s messenger actually looks like? Or maybe they appeared in participants’ dreams and made themselves available to pass them a certain message for humanity.

We are talking about avatars. History is full of avatars – a form of god who came to earth and lived like humans. They made a huge impact on the human life we live today, they taught us a lot and showed us the right path. So when we say what does good like, in a way we are also asking what those avatars look like. This is because if there is no one form of god then how can we have a face or form and then how can you expect to see a particular image if there is no form.

Let’s see what the experts, scientists and mystics say about this.

Sadhguru, a mystic popular around the world for his witty answers and extraordinary knowledge tries to answer the question of what is God in this video.

Sadhguru basically explains that our idea of God is normally an exaggerated version of ourselves. We define God according to our culture, beliefs and thoughts.

Sadhguru believes we can’t define God but we can only experience God. He is indicating the spiritual life and how the Yoga system can bring us closer to God to experience something much bigger than what we can think of. When you achieve enlightenment, that’s when you get an idea of what is God and who is the creator.

So maybe, to really understand the answer we are not even eligible. With this material body, we don’t even know about the soul, how it transfers from one body to another and how to achieve enlightenment. So, if we don’t know about our own body and soul then how can we understand God? Think about it. Those who understand spirituality will understand this but others may still have questions about it.

Does God look like us?

Every single culture, mystics and yogis say that God is inside us. This is a bit complex concept but if you are into spirituality then you will know that this makes sense. It is well accepted by every yogi, expert meditators or monks that there is massive powerful energy inside us called “kundalini”. This is godly energy or we can say god itself. So, in a way, we can say that God looks like a form of energy inside us. Taking it further, we can also say that each of us (humans) has similar features to GodEven the bible says God made us in their own image. 

The Image of God is a concept and theological doctrine in Judaism, Christianity, and Sufism of Islam, which asserts that human beings are created in the image and likeness of God.

However, the exact meaning of this phrase is very much debatable and experts have debated this for years. But when we are talking about what god looks like then this concept of “image of God” is important. Because this answers the question and the answer is God looks like us.



Adam and Eve were the first humans created who very much looked like today’s humans. It’s not just the western world’s belief but even in Indians historic texts, it is written that first humans were Adam and Eve though the pronunciation of these two words is a bit different in India.


sumerian gods

Sumerian gods as per the scriptures, stone tablets and wall drawings also indicate that their gods looked similar to us with minor changes.

Their gods were taller, often shown with wings and some sort of head cover holding some container in hand.

Their gods were great kings who ruled the kingdoms for years.

In some cases, the bodies of these gods are shown as strong humans but the head of an animal or birds.

If you see the top-ranking gods in the Sumerian culture then you will get a better idea of what god looks like as per Sumerians.



Lord Shiva, the most popular god in India looks like a human but with extraordinary features. Often shown as a snake around the neck, blue in colour, the holy river Ganga coming out of the hairs.

Even though its symbolisation of the legends and written history but it is believed that’s how Shiva looked like when he first appeared on Himalayas thousands of years back to give knowledge to early humans.

Son of Shiva, Lord Ganesha, however, looks like a human with an elephant head.





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Vikas is the founder of WebsiteFix Digital and author of Simply SEO book. For over a decade, Vikas has worked with over 100 SMEs, some of Australia’s best-known brands, and publicly listed companies. Site: Websitefix.com.au Ph: (07) 3076 6921

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