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How much time does it take to rank?

It depends on the website and competition in your industry (or competition for that keyword). A new website takes longer than a well-established site. However, we try to balance the search volume and competition to get you results as soon as possible. On average, it may take a couple of months to see improvements in rankings. With our proven SEO strategies, eventually, you will reach the first page as all our current clients have.

How many keywords are included in your SEO package?

I do not restrict and go for all the possible keywords in your industry. However, I take it step by step with important keywords first. Limiting keywords will limit your growth in future. I work on my client’s project keeping long term growth in mind.

For instance, initially, we helped one of our clients rank for the 5 most important keywords in their industry. Three years down the line, we have got them ranking for over 40 keywords on the first page. This is helping them grow traffic, sales and business as a result.

Why should I hire you as an SEO expert for my business?

I have over a decade of experience working for small to medium to large businesses, even listed company. Being a small business myself, I understand the challenges (budget, time, growth) of sole traders or small business. With my proven SEO strategies, you are guaranteed to achieve success in the long run. I manage all the project directly and keep in touch with my clients.

During their time with me, all my clients are on the first page today for the most important keywords in their industry, they have improved website design with effective conversion strategies and they have regular customer enquiries coming all year round. This is the reason, 90% of my clients have been with me for over 3 years.

Do you offer other digital services?

Yes, we offer website design or redesign. We have built websites for many of the successful Australian local business and eCommerce sites. We are also running successful paid ads PPC campaigns (Google Ads and Facebook Ads) for some clients.