Be Flexible to get SEO Benefits

In last decade of working with businesses, I’ve noticed that one of the biggest mistake many new business owners make is to focus too much on the design and other design factors like logo, pictures and so on at the start of their SEO campaign.

I personally think that even though these things are very important, they can wait.

I understand that every website owner wants to put their best foot forward and wants to look great on their website. However, how good is a website design if the site is not seen by anyone?

All of the above-mentioned design related factors are important however what’s more important is that your site should be discovered in the search engines, so you can start getting some website traffic and then slowly you can make design improvement, add conversion techniques and more.

Many times, business owners launch a new site and take ages to add content to their main service pages. Site is left live to be indexed by Google with thin content pages. This will harm your SEO. In many cases, the site owners take a lot of time to add content on the pages because they want to make extra-ordinary impression with their: text, design, pictures, videos, conversion techniques and more, all in one go. The result- they end up delaying too much while the site is still live. As a result, the design changes remain pending, and the SEO is suffering too.

When Google index your pages you don’t want to make a bad impression by showing pages with no content on your site. Though first impression is not the last impression in case of SEO and you still have the chance to update and add quality content on the site pages but sooner is better. You don’t want to disappoint the crawlers multiple times (each time Google crawls your site). What happens when you disappoint someone in your life again and again?

Your best foot forward is actually to add quality content and don’t worry too much about design and conversions at initial stage.

My advice is to stay flexible in the initial days of your SEO. If you have an SEO consultant working for you then help your consultant by providing full text about your product and services as soon as possible. Once the quality text is added, your SEO will optimise the text and tags on the page and it will be nice and ready foe Google to index. Also, sooner the site is ready for search engines, easier it is for SEO to then quickly move on to the off-page SEO campaign to start building backlinks and start building authority for the site. Delaying on page SEO can negatively affect your off-page SEO campaign by making it ineffective in many cases.

Off-page SEO may not be much helpful in many cases if the site is not optimised.

So moral of the story is that either you keep all the high-quality content ready before you make the site live or avail the unique long form high quality content to be added to your website soon as possible when the site is live. You should worry more about your website SEO in the initial stage rather than minor design features which can always be fixed later.

If you are working with an SEO consultant, work with him/her and stay flexible.

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Vikas Rana

Vikas is the founder of WebsiteFix Digital and author of Simply SEO book. For over a decade, Vikas has worked with over 100 SMEs, some of Australia’s best-known brands, and publicly listed companies. Site: Ph: (07) 3076 6921