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What is nectar for your body could poison another person’s body. The more you know yourself (by identifying your physical and mental humours), the better you can judge the food you should be eating. This is why ancient saints divided human body types into three doshas called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. You should know your body type and eat food according to your own needs. It is not one food fits all. 


Vata is air. It makes your body dry. If your body is vata, you need lubrication like oil massage and pure cow ghee in cooking can help


One of the properties of pitta is acidic. If a pitta person was to consume a sweet mango during the season, it would do him no harm, but if he consumed a sour mango, it would aggravate his acidity. 

Sweet Water is the primary element of this taste, known as madhura in Sanskrit. It allays pitta, quenches thirst and provides energy to the mind and body.

Best Food or Remedies For Pitta

Any food that has the opposite effect or warm is good for Pitta.

Food or drink naturally sweet in taste (not man-made sweet but sweet by nature) balances the burning sensation for Pitta 


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