Tips for Creating an Impactful WordPress Website

As the age of digital technologies continues to grow and evolve, there are also tons of websites popping here and there, whether it is for business or your personal blog. How can you make your website stand out among other websites?

WordPress makes it easy to set up a website and create content to promote your brand. 10 WordPress Tools Every Blogger Must Have;  however, building the ideal WordPress website would depend on making smart choices for your user interface, functions, and searchability. WordPress is a free and open-sourced website that can be used by anyone, thus making it a versatile platform for start-ups or big businesses.

So how can you differentiate your website from others?

Choosing a layout – your layout defines the overall tone of your website and would appear first to visitors. Be picky and choose the best quality. Choose a layout that would perfectly represent your brand and also provide a positive user experience. Consider and carefully plan how you want your site to look and what elements of your brand you want to highlight. 

Compressing Images – compressing images reduces file size and saves storage, making your site run faster and speeding uploading images to avoid dead pages. Who doesn’t love fast sites? Users and visitors love a fast-loading site, which’s why compressing your images is important.

Picking a PluginWordPress offers free and premium plugins for anything you need on your website. However, you should not use too many non-essential plugins as it would cause overloading and in turn slow down your site and cause compatibility issues. Carefully pick plugins based on what your brand needs and consider your brand’s goal and purpose as well as essential issues such as security. Only install plugins that will benefit your site.

Keeping Content Clutter-Free – with all these fancy widgets and plugins you can add to your website, it can be easy to get carried away. While it may be fun for you, it may not be right for your users. Clutter can distract the users from your main content and make your site seem unprofessional. Less is more, make sure that the widgets you’re adding actually add to your site.

Making it Mobile Friendly – not all people use the internet through their desktops or laptops, more than half of worldwide web traffic comes from mobile users, and mobile users want the best quality on a site they visit. Making your site mobile-friendly would definitely extend the reach of your brand. When choosing a layout, make sure that it is also mobile-friendly and will not mess up your site when seen through a mobile device. Create a mobile-friendly user environment so that mobile users would keep coming back to your site.

Installing Google Analytics – installing Google analytics and recording data from users will help you identify the demographic who frequently visits your site. In turn, you will be able to upload content based on user demographics and cater to their taste and needs.

Adding Lead Generation Tools – you would want your visitors to take action on your site. Adding lead generation tools like subscription forms, contact forms, live chat, email support, or buy now buttons would help convert visitors to sales and interact with your site more.

Staying Updated – All software regularly updates, either for minor tweaks or bug fixes. You don’t need to constantly worry about these minor updates; however, you should check for major updates from time to time to make sure you haven’t missed anything new and that your site is compatible with these updates. Not doing so would make your site outdated and susceptible to various bugs and compromise your site security.

Overall, an influential WordPress site puts user experience above everything else. When creating your site, you should know your brand best and highlight its strength, then build a site with the user in mind. Succeeding the above tips will surely make your WordPress website stand out among others.

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