Best Social Media Marketing Tips in 2021

The world of social media marketing is constantly changing and at a fast rate. If you don’t keep up, you will be left in the dust and the consequences easily catch on. 

So, what can you do? You need to keep an eye on how things are moving. For instance, video marketing now seems to be the future of marketing and that’s the reasons I started my own Digital Marketing YouTube Channel where I teach online marketing skills like video marketing, blogging, SEO and online marketing in general. 

Understand what people are more susceptible to and what things are becoming the norm. In 2021, here’s what those are. 

Urge People to Share

When you tell people what to do, they have a higher chance of actually doing it. So, when you include a call to action to every post you make like share, subscribe, follow, and the likes, you are increasing the social footprint of your page.

This is what is called a social sharing strategy. Most people disregard this small detail because they think it is negligible. But you now know that it isn’t the case. It’s just a few words at the end of each post, but it is enough to remind and influence the decision of your audience. 

Create A Story

At this point, people are more susceptible to social media pages that have a purpose. When you post content that has a certain flow and that collectively builds up a certain “story”, the more likely people are going to be interested. The reason is that it builds up anticipation and curiosity.

So, gone are the days of random content posting. Instead, you need to start having a theme to your posts. Something that is easy to follow and can cultivate active engagement with your audience. Because social media marketing is no longer just about showing.

Don’t Be Afraid of Paid Ads

As an SEO expert in Brisbane, I truly believe in the power of organic marketing but this doesn’t mean we should ignore paid ads. Paid ads like Facebook ads or Google ads can also be very powerful if done correctly. 

It is common practice to stay away from paid advertisements, which begs the question, why? Most people would think that because it’s paid, it’s no longer the best option. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Unlike paid ads years ago, what you have now is completely different. You have more pricing options, flexibility, and even the capacity to effectively track engagement. Long story short, it can be the most effective marketing approach you can make.

It is true, paid ads are now becoming more accepted because they have become less obstructive. And it’s not like for people to buy something that they never knew existed, which makes paid ads a strong asset in this time.

Take Advantage of Targeted Ads

In support to the previous point, make the most out of paid ads by targeting them to the right audience. One of the reasons why paid ads are becoming the norm is because it can be targeted to the right audience. What this means is that it will only show to people who are likely going to be customers.

In the end, you are not disrupting the activity of any random person, but giving a choice to those who are in the market for whatever you are selling.

Authenticity is A Strong Feature

As per this article by Forbes, being authentic is the best thing you can do if you want to grow on social media. Your audience do not want material that they can find elsewhere. If your approach to marketing is copying stock photos or using taglines that have been widely used already, you are not providing anything new. And when that happens, it is only a matter of time before your audience start to get bored and detach themselves from you.

In this time when content is the cornerstone of marketing, authenticity is more crucial. Either you provide something interesting that can only be found on your page or you lose your audience.

Consistency is Key

Effort matters in today’s social media marketing. You just can’t post anytime you want or when it is convenient. Remember, your audience is looking to your page for engagement, so a little silence can go a long way.

When you can’t put out consistent engagement, your followers are most likely going to find it elsewhere. And it’s common sense. When there are better pages, why would they stick to yours? 

Turn Customers into Product Ambassadors

More importance is given to reviews and customer testimonies in this time. And it’s understandable. If you want to learn about something, seek the opinion of those who are not to benefit from it.

So, instead of promising and claiming, it is time to promote what your customers have to say. Urge them to take the lead and showcase every purchase they have made. Turn them as one of your content spotlights because if there is one thing your potential customers want to hear, it is what they have to say.

The Last Thing to Remember

While all of these tips are tested and proven for 2021, it is important to always take them with a grain of salt. Depending on your industry and community, you are likely going to experience varying extent of effectiveness. 

At the end of the day, it is all about adaptation. Keep a close eye on your efforts and change when needed. Because in the world of marketing, there is no such thing as consistency. It is always about change and being able to manage what the market demands.

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Vikas Rana

Vikas is the founder of WebsiteFix Digital and author of Simply SEO book. For over a decade, Vikas has worked with over 100 SMEs, some of Australia’s best-known brands, and publicly listed companies. Site: Ph: (07) 3076 6921