How to Add Keywords (Smartly) in Blog Post & Rank High in Google

In this article, I am going to talk about How to add keywords in a blog smartly so you rank high on Google for those keywords. 

What I am going to share today is a tested and proven strategy.  I have tested it hundreds of times and using the same formula, we have been scoring many top rankings in Google for our own sites and for our clients. NOW, I am going to share the exact same strategy with you here in this video (STEP by STEP). Trust me, you don’t want to miss any part of this video as what you see here in this short 9 mins of the video is 9 years of research and experience….so watch it till the end without skipping. 

So let’s get started…


Now, before you learn about how to smartly add keywords in your blog, make sure you learn about how to do keywords research espl. less competition keywords.

I have covered this in detail in my other video.

After your final list of keywords is ready to go, let’s see how you can add them smartly in a blog to rank top of Google – 


1. Add KW in the title of the blog. 

I personally prefer to keep the keywords in starting of the blog title. You can always add more clickbaity stuff to your second half of the title but start the title with your target keyword. 

Another benefit of this strategy is that you don’t manually have to enter a title tag or download any SEO plugin to add tags. Google will automatically use your blog heading as the title tag. 


2. Add your target keyword multiple times in your blog.

Example: Add your main keywords around  5-6 times in 1000 words article. 

Make sure to add the keyword at the starting of the article (first paragraph). Then again at different places. 

Add it naturally don’t stuff it else users will be turned off. 


BONUS Tip – Find variations of the keyword. Use Google auto-suggestion to see what are other closely related keywords and use them ALL in your article to increase the probability to rank for all those keywords.

For example: For one of our clients who is an electrical services provider, we found a specific keyword “avg electricity in Australia” that had scope to rank which means good volume and less competition. So we tried to create a long-form well-researched article and within 2 months, the client rank on top of Page 1 not just for the target keyword but also for many Keyword variants. The organic traffic doubled in 3 months just because of one blog. 

Another BONUS tips – 

Answer the query asap in the article. If the topic is a specific question for example: What is the average cost of running an aircon in Australia? Then answer it in the 2nd paragraph. This can become SNIPPET


3. Add keywords in your image ALT and title.

If you click on edit image in your WordPress website then you can see these options there.  Simply, add your keyword in the title and ALT tag.


4. Add keyword in title tag and meta description tag.

If you are happy to download a plugin for your WordPress site then download the “Yoast SEO” plugin. Using this plugin, you can edit each blog page’s title and meta description tags. 


5. Add keywords in URL.

It is very important to add keywords to your URL. Now, Google likes short  URLs so we can’t add all our keywords in there. Just add your primary keyword in the URL and that’s it.


You should have your keywords in URL, title and meta desciption tags, at various places in your blog especially at the start of the blog and keyword even in alt and title of image.

Make sure you write a well researched, login form and quality blog better than others who rank on the page 1.   

>> In another video, I have covered in detail all the factors that you need to know to rank your blog high in Google. Now you usually start with keywords research so this video will teach you that and then go watch that video to see other factors that help your blog rank high 


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Vikas Rana

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